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We love data and we love to solve difficult problems! Gain access to a new era of modeling and analysis with AdaLab, a young AI start-up based in Hamburg. We specialize on optimizing and automating your business processes or elevating your research with AI and Machine Learning.

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What we offer

If you have a well-formulated problem at hand, we are here to realize a solution for you. If you are not yet sure how to get started in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), or Data Science, our consultants will make sure to get you on track.
If you are interested to learn what AI can do for you or your business specifically, we are at your service. Our specialists will introduce you to the world and terminology and can analyze possible applications for you. You will learn whether or not AI is the right way to go and if so, what will be required to get started.
You would like to answer a research question based on a complex set of data that basic statistics are not qualified to process? Our team is experienced in scientific research and will use elaborate Machine Learning methods to find the truth within your data.
Custom AI
Benefit from recent technological innovation by optimizing a business process with the power of AI. We will design a custom AI model fit to improve your data-driven automated processes. We value close exchange with our clients and ensure that you are well-informed about how the AI works and decides.

How we work

Each project starts with a thorough exploration of the problem and estimation of feasibility. The main development is agile and done in iterations of development and evaluation. We keep you informed at all times through presentations and comprehensive reports. The final product is determined by your needs and can for example be delivered as a quantitative report and/or a trained AI model for your use in an application or process.

What AI has to offer

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are collective terms for a wide range of techniques that can be applied to provide novel insights in many different domains. Browse through some exemplary applications below:
Time Series Analysis
Time series data is collected over a period of time and captures developments and patterns of a certain phenomenon, like the weather, stocks, or brain signals. Finding and distilling these patterns allows to learn from the past and predict future events.

Practical example: Prediction of a diagnosis based on biomarkers that have been measured in a long-term study.
Image Data Processing
Recent advancements in AI have opened possibilities for deep insights from image data. We offer a wide range of analyses such as classification, clustering of patterns in medical images, recognition of object instances, or decomposition of scenes on the street.

Practical example: Detection of human poses in videos to measure whether or not a person has fallen to the ground as a means to improve workplace safety.
Natural Language Processing
Text data is a common byproduct of online businesses. Messages, reviews, articles, and other data mediums can contain valuable insights. Common tasks include sentiment analysis, question answering, text summarization, and classification.

Practical example: Creation of a chatbot based on conversational data to automate recurring dialogues.
Complex Quantitative Data
In a lot of research-related fields, large-scaled studies accumulate complex sets of quantitative measurements that are difficult to analyze with traditional statistics. Machine Learning is more powerful than that and allows to find patterns in messy multi-dimensional data.

Our team is academically trained and will help you go deeper to make the best out of your measurements. We will write an extensive report on the findings to ensure maximum transparency for your research.
There is more
You might have reached the end of this list without seeing your kind of problem represented. No worries - it is impossible to describe every possible project, especially if they do not fall into rigid categories. If you are interested in, for example, DeepFake detection, voice recognition, 3D object, image or video generation, or any other AI-related project - we will find your individual solution.

Our Team

Our team is a diverse and inspired group of AI professionals with academic training and a pragmatic “can do” mindset.
As an AI start-up, we are doing our best to consider our ethical responsibilities in the technology that we create. As for our team culture, we see ourselves on a journey to learn about and foster inclusivity and equality for people of different backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and ethnicities.
Angelie Kraft

With academic degrees in both Psychology and Computer Science, Angelie's methodological expertise ranges from classical statistics to deep neural networks. She is keen about Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision, and has experience in working with medical and survey data.

Florian Schmalzl

After 6 years of working in finance and shipping with a Bachelor of Economics, Florian decided to follow his passion and entered the field of Robotics and Machine Learning in the pursuit of an AI Master’s degree. He accompanies our customers on their individual AI journeys and makes their business value his priority.

Anton Wiehe

Studying AI for more than 6 years, Anton possesses a deep-rooted understanding of the matter. He burns for the subject of Reinforcement Learning. As a forward-thinker, he incorporates emerging trends in Machine Learning into his work and finds creative solutions to difficult problems.


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