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We love data and we love to solve difficult problems! Gain access to a new era of modeling and analysis with AdaLab, a young AI start-up based in Hamburg.


Pathology prediction with biomarkers

AdaLab is collaborating with PharmaImage Biomarker Solutions GmbH and its sister company PI Health Solutions GmbH within the framework of a European multicentric research project. With the help of Machine Learning, it was possible to predict Postoperative Delirium based on large amounts of different clinical and brain imaging data as well as blood-based biomarkers.

As is the case for a lot of medical observational studies, a limited number of participants were available to represent the target group. With advanced statistical skills, we were able to deal with the imbalanced dataset and gain impressive insights.

From the large set of different markers and health factors, the resulting models distilled the most important parameters for predicting Postoperative Delirium.

Pi Health Solutions
Pharma Image
Hospital Equipment

Aided analysis of market research interviews

Market researchers conduct verbal customer interviews in order to understand what drives and motivates their product choices.

In order to facilitate the analysis of the collected conversations, we applied a combination of Natural Language Processing techniques and state-of-the-art language models. We used clustering techniques to find the most important ideas that were discussed most frequently (bottom-up). Additionally, we enabled targeted search for conversational snippets that match certain concepts (top-down).

Interview Scenario

Semantic search for catalog images

Who doesn't know the extensive filtering options that aid your search queries in online stores?

We have created a prototype that shows how recent innovations in AI allow searching through images freely with words. Beyond the bounds of pre-defined filters. The AI knows what is in the image by looking at it and it knows how it connects to language. Watch our video to take a peek at the prototype.

AI-generated images and videos

In a collaboration with SeyhanLee, we developed an in-house product to generate new images purely from a description in natural language. Through our deep understanding of the technology, we can manipulate the images to take on almost any style, from Picasso, over charcoal paintings, to styles extracted from user-given images! As part of our experiments with SeyhanLee, we generated a music video prototype to the song "Space Oddity" by David Bowie.

Seyhan Lee

What we offer

If you have a well-formulated problem at hand, we are here to realize a solution for you. If you are not yet sure how to get started in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), or Data Science, our consultants will make sure to get you on track.



We will introduce you to the world and terminology and can analyze possible applications for you. You will learn whether or not AI is the right way to go and if so, what will be required to get started.



We will use elaborate Machine Learning methods to find the truth within your complex set of data. Finding patterns and relationships between factors is an important first step for most AI tasks.

Custom AI

Custom AI

We help you to optimize a business process with the power of AI. We will design a custom model fit to improve your data-driven automated processes.

Our Founders

We are doing our best to consider our ethical responsibilities in the technology that we create. We see ourselves on a journey to learn about and foster inclusivity and equality for people of different backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and ethnicities.

  • Angelie Kraft

    Angelie Kraft


    Angelie is especially keen about Natural Language Processing and has a background in both Computer Science and Psychology.

  • Florian Woeste

    Florian Woeste


    Florian accompanies our customers on their individual AI journeys and makes their business value his priority.

  • Anton Wiehe

    Anton Wiehe


    Anton loves Reinforcement Learning and incorporates emerging trends in Machine Learning into his work to find creative solutions to difficult problems.


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